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The Think and Grow Rich Institute in Canada is an associate of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, based out of West Virginia, USA. The Foundation is a non-profit educational institution dedicated to creating a framework for self-empowerment and making this world a better place in which to live.

Our courses are based on Napoleon Hill’s internationally known works Think and Grow Rich, Law of Success and The Science of Success.  Napoleon Hill’s works have become the standard of personal development literature against, which all others are measured.


The Think and Grow Rich courses will guide your team through a fascinating journey towards the realization financial success and personal development. Using the principles in this course, average men and women started from scratch, without pull, education, or money, and lifted themselves to greatness. These PROVEN principles will unleash the powers to produce success in every area business and life.

Join the 100 million people that have been impacted by Think and Grow Rich!
It may prove to be a real turning point in the success of your sales force.  t@grbooklogo

In this course, you will learn:

  1. How to Take More Initiative: The First Step in Leadership
  2. How to Engage as a Team: Employees Learn Cooperative and Teamwork Habits
  3. How to be Rich and Have Peace of Mind
  4. How to Multiply the Mind Power of Employees
  5. How to Share Company Vision
  6. How to Develop a Positive Mindset
  7. How to Enjoy Your Job and Develop Faith in your Organization
  8. How to Banish Procrastination for Good
  9. How to Develop Creative Vision in the Employees
  10. How to Become More Motivated
  11. Develop the Habit of Going the Extra Mile and enjoy the Benefits That Ensue
  12. How to Reduce Work-Related Stress in your Professional and Personal Life

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 June 16 for the ultimate THINK and GROW RICH Dinner Experience!

Our featured speaker Satish Verma of Think and Grow Rich Institute Canada will share the powerful secrets of the famous #1 selling book. The way you live and work will never be the same. We will teach you how to think big and eliminate fear and negativity.

Dorothy Guerra will show you how the principles of L.O.U.D can put you on the forefront of your industry and stand out from the crowd. She will teach you how to not compete, learn to collaborate and be compelled to brand yourself for success.

The night includes a full course dinner. $40