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The ultimate Think and Grow Rich Dinner Conference and networking experience!

Join us as we ignite the passion within you to set your goals high in business and empower you to live your best life.

Our featured speaker Satish Verma of Think and Grow Rich Institute Canada will share the powerful secrets of the famous #1 selling book. The way you live and work will never be the same. We will teach you how to think big and eliminate fear and negativity.

Dorothy Guerra will show you how the principles of L.O.U.D can put you on the forefront of your industry and stand out from the crowd. She will teach you how to not compete, learn to collaborate and be compelled to brand yourself for success.

The night includes a full course dinner. $40

Tickets available


100 tickets available

Networking, inspiring mystery speakers and entertainment.

Contact me at dorothyguerra@me.com for sponsorship opportunities at $160 (includes dinner and conference ticket) feature your business get exposure!

Don’t miss this opportunity to make your future LOUD AND RICH!