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cropped-cropped-dorothy2.jpgThrough many years of building business of my own, writing, public speaking and coaching, I offer extensive services to other entrepreneurs and businesses.  I host networking events within the community that give people the opportunity to showcase their services and products and make new connections to help grow their business. I offer social branding exposure by promoting business on social media, offering direct contact support through a LOUD strategy assessment and implementation. If you would like to know more about how I can help you build a stronger, community connected business contact me for a consultation.

If you would like to have your business featured on my Online show with 365 Tv Network, one of my events or promotions please contact me.


  • Online TV Promotion Platform – Use my media platform for branding your business
  • Media – Covering events in the community as a Media Host
  • Business Blogger/Vlogger – Get a feature write up or video interview on your business or success story
  • Networking Events – Dinners/Luncheons LET’S GET LOUD NOW!
  • Hosting/ Speaking – Emcee your next event
  • Coaching – Creating community awareness and growth strategies within your company

I have developed the L.O.U.D business model strategy to analyze 4 very important components as to how you are growing your business.  By identifying your loyalty, opportunities, utilization and delivery I can prepare a solid and stronger business model for you.


As a  Business Growth Strategist I can help implement a plan that puts your company or product front line in community awareness using the L.O.U.D strategy

1.  Loyalty –  Learn effective tools for branding and why branding yourself is key to success. Building a strong business vision and goals that you will stick to and achieve.

2.  Opportunity – What leads are available to you. Explore areas of marketing and social media that an offer you exposure.  Where can you make stronger connections to help generate sales. Where can you be seen.

3. Utilization – Target the people and the businesses that are interested in what you are doing through networking and social media. By reaching the right people directly they will spread the word about what you do and what you are selling indirectly. Word of mouth is free and moves faster then a commercial.To implement any of these strategies in your business.  Reach out to me for a consultation meeting and let’s make your definition of success a reality.

4. Delivery – How are you currently selling, what is your closing rate for sales, are you committed to a give more philosophy in business

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