The Difference between Success and Failure

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Often people that want to start a business begin with all the negative thinking such as “what happens if I fail” those thoughts can become haunting and almost debilitating. If there is too much focus on what could go wrong then how can good energy be put into doing what is right to be a success?

The truth is success and failure are not separated by a fine line. Nor can they be divided as two separate outcomes. The reality is they are one and the same the only difference is the attitude placed on them by the individual experiencing the result. What entrepreneurs need to realize is that success is not a straight uphill road. A business idea does not immediately make money. It requires action and perseverance in those actions. Many of the richest business owners today will tell you that in order to get where they are they had to endure a lot of mishaps and miscalculations in business decisions. Some would call these failures.

However, in the LOUD business model, loyalty is defined as our commitment to our end goal. If we choose to view the trials of business as a failure then we would easily lose sight of carrying our business through. These mishaps only occur to teach you how to be a true success. We need to learn what worked and what doesn’t work in order to get the entrepreneurial formula correct. How would you truly be able to recognize a successful decision if you didn’t have the benchmark of a bad decision.

I personally believe and speak to the fact that failure is success for those that pick up the pieces, re tweak their plan and recalculate their next move. These are the people destined to achieve high rewards for their businesses. If you had to take a look at the journey you have been on as an entrepreneur or on your career path, I bet there is at least one set back that you deemed a failure that made you turn another corner. Perhaps, it changed your entire course in life?

I want to challenge you to get LOUD and take a moment… get a piece of paper …. and write what down what it was. Then ask yourself three questions and write the answers down

  1. Why did I believe this was a failure?
  2. What is one thing I could have done to deal with this outcome as a roadblock instead of as a failure?
  3. If I stayed the course where would I be today and is that better then where I am?

These questions will help you to change your attitude towards failure and realize failures in themselves have the power to bread true success. Feel free to share your story with me at as I am always looking for inspiring stories.