Optimizing your Network to Increase Sales

Let’s Get Loud Now in Business

There are many avenues to marketing your business today that many years ago didn’t exist. Through social media and the Internet we have access to people that we would never have had the chance to meet. This creates a huge opportunity to tapping into a network that can grow your business without spending thousands in marketing and advertising dollars. Taking the time to connect your business in Facebook, Linked IN, Instagram and Twitter could be one of the most important strategic planning roles you play in driving your sales or placing your business on the forefront of your competitors.

It’s crucial that you structure the time in your day to utilize a social media campaign. Part of the LOUD strategy is to recognize how to connect with the people that can help you excel. In the best selling book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, he speaks of building a mastermind team as one of the principles to success. In this day and age of business, this couldn’t be easier.   We no longer have to pick up the phone book or knock on doors. We just need to have a good grasp of finding our target market through social media streams. Linked IN offers a professional database right there are your finger tips. The best way to meet people that can speak of or use your services can be found in the group feature. Connect with like-minded individuals, post updates about what you offer. Doing it regularly will keep your feeds fresh and people will start to notice you and reach out to you. You can also find similar business that you can support and work together. Don’t underestimate the power of networking online. Facebook is a fantastic way to also claim status in business. It also has a personal feel where people can identify with you. This creates that trust factor and can lead to friendship referrals.

We also can’t dismiss the popular face-to-face networking events. I strongly believe that the traditional shake of the hand, eye contact is still vital to making you and your business standout. The best place to find local networking events in your area is of course, online. Facebook is popular for listing events. Your local paper such as this is always a good place to find out where to go. The other aspect to networking is not only going to events by creating your own events. By putting together your own lunch and learn or social get together your give your self an opportunity to bring people to you.

There are many ways to build your mastermind team all of them right there at your fingertips. If you would like to have a LOUD strategy done for your business to build your social media campaign contact me.